Secrets and Tips

In this section I will show you how to become a successful cam model and get better placement on the site.

 Webcam performers who take advantage of our features usually make it on the top page. Please take the time and go to our main site, and look at the performers on the main page. On the upper right hand corner, above each performer you will see small icons. Such as HD, Sound and maybe even a Phone icon. Most performers have HD and a lot have Sound. If you are using a HD camera such as a Logitech or better, take the steps to set up your computer for HD. You will be given instructions to do so, once you are approved. 

Most performers use the sound feature to communicate with customers. Your fans love to hear the sound of your voice and sometimes your voice alone is what drives them over the edge. When you turn the sound on, it immediately boosts your status on the site and you will usually be placed within the top few pages. 
 For an even better experience and a very high chance you will be placed on the main page at all times, take advantage of our phone feature. Most of our performers do not use this feature. Only 10% of 1000 online performers use the phone feature. If you look especially on the first row of performers, you might see the phone icon above one or two performers at most. Most models do not use this feature but if you do, you will be placed on the first row at all times and that is when you start making a lot of money. 

Here is how it works: When you build your Streamate profile, you will be given the option to add a phone number. If you chose to add a number, it will NOT be available for the customer. Nobody can access your personal phone number. When somebody takes you private and they want to call you, they will have the option to use this feature but only if you allow it. They will click on the phone icon (on their page) and will be prompt to enter their own number. When they enter their own number, both of you will receive a phone call from a third party number. When you pick up, you will be put on hold briefly then you will be able to communicate with the customer. Both your numbers are kept private and once they leave the chat, you will automatically be disconnected. 

You don't need to turn into a "phone sex operator" to use the phone feature. Using the phone does not make you a phone sex operator. All you need to do is carry on with your normal private session like you would, but keep the phone to your ear so the customers feels like the session is more personal. 

There are a few reasons why most models don't use this option. 
1) Many performers are from other countries and have a thick accent or don't speak good English.
2) Some of us are just shy.
3) Many performers don't understand how the phone feature really works
4) Models forget to activate this option at the beginning of their chat

If you are interested in using the phone feature, this is a good way to secure steady income since you will always be on the top page and probably even the top row at all times.

Tip: You have the choice to use the phone feature in Premium chat or Exclusive only. In premium chat, you may have several paying members in the room at one time. In Exclusive, it is just you and one member. If you choose to do phone in premium chat, only one person can call you at a time. But make sure you divide your attention between everyone in the room and not just the person on the phone. If you talk on the phone, choose your words wisely and make sure you say something that targets to everyone in your room.
Say something like: "It excites me to know that you're watching me". Don't say: "(on the phone) Oh, your name is Frank? Oh, you want to see that? Yeah I like that too. Oh, you did? What did you like about it?" 
See how that last sentence doesn't really make sense? You'd be leaving out everyone in the room and people would leave. You want to make sure you communicate with everyone equally in the chat.

If that's too much multi-tasking for you, just let members know that you will do phone in exclusive. That way you're all theirs for the time being.

If you use all three features and get 4-5 star ratings on your shows, you won't have any problem making over $20 an hour and that's at an unusual minimum.



Sometimes you will get customers with odd fetishes. Some might like feet while others are into bizarre role-playing games. Some like the idea of being dominant while others would rather be dominated. You might get a premium show with two members, one liking vanilla sex and hates anal, while the other likes nothing but anal. There are different strokes for different folks but you want to keep everyone happy.  

If a member wants to see a specific thing, sometimes its best that he take you exclusive. Let him know that you'd be happy to honor his request (as long as it's something you're comfortable with) but he should take you exclusive for a more luxury experience. Anything request that is of the norm, should be done in premium. 


There are two different cam girls. Cam girl #1 is bubbly and has a fun, friendly personality. She keeps the room exciting and customers want to see more of her. Cam girl #2 wants to make money (just like cam girl #1) but she just thinks money will be thrown at her. She doesn't make an effort to keep the room interesting and she just sits there, looking bored and the only thing exciting about her room is the game you created- Every time she says "take me private", you take a drink. ;-) Haha. She will sit there, looking awkward (waiting for that private). You can't even have a conversation with this girl without her asking you to take her private. Usually these girls are very pretty but often they don't understand that beauty doesn't always go a long way. 

Ever have a day that is just so perfect and everything seems to be going your way? You wake up in the morning and receive a wonderful compliment from your lover. Hello, confidence boost!! Your day goes smoothly, traffic isn't bad and every light turns green for you. You ace the job interview or got the promotion you wanted. You run into an old friend and throughout the day, you just have this glow about you. This glow is confidence. You know everything is in your favor and you know everything is working out. People feed off this glow. It makes people want to see more of you. Your positive energy keeps the room interested, and these are the days that ''free chat'' is almost nonexistent. 

Now, the following day is just the average Tuesday. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but you are excited to broadcast again, hoping for a day like yesterday. You go live and keep friendly but then you realize it's been 10 minutes and you haven't gotten a private yet. That's weird, yesterday was so perfect... What happened?? All you can think about is getting a private and even though you can fake that bubbly charm and fool everyone in the room, really it feels like just a chore to you. That glow isn't there and people can see that. Sure, you are flirty and fun but that confidence is gone and even though you'll still make good money, it won't be like the previous day. Stay positive. Think that you're the s*it and everyone is just dying to take you private. When you keep positive, you will know that you can work the room with just your smile. People will sense you're really having a good time and it'll be more than just making an extra dollar. That beautiful smile of yours will be genuine and people will notice.

Yeah, she really wants you! 
Can't you tell?

  1. 1) Speak to the cam and chat through voice. Our members are mostly English speakers and find themselves to be more interested in  girl who can talk and flirt in free chat. Typing the whole time can get a little boring to the viewer. 
  2. Get on cam to have FUN. Don't worry about making money or have a goal set in mind. Sure it's good to have goals, but a successful cam model gets excited every time she/he goes live. It's something they will think about constantly when they aren't working. Models will think about how to better their performance, what outfits to get and new ways to improve their shows. They will love what they do instead of dreading the hour they gotta get on cam. If that's the case for you, cam modeling is not for you.
  3. Always have props, toys, etc... close by. Some might want to see you change your outfit or see a few toys to chose from before they take you private. The more you have to get off cam to go get stuff, the more time you waste.
  4. Letting your clients always know when you will be back whether its hours from now, or tomorrow, give them a time and date, and you'll be surprised how many come back to see you exactly the time you told them. Another thing, don't tell them a time and then be late. 
  5. Use customers nickname, but you will often want to resize it down to something easier if its too long. Just make sure they know who your talking about if you shortened their name. Also, learn their real name, memorize or write it down, and use it often when they come back so they will be impressed that you remembered them. 
  6. Remember it's called webcam modeling so you always want to be presentable and beautiful when on cam. Don't show up with wet hair or no makeup. You want to be presentable.  
  7. You will always want to keep switching it up with outfits and lingerie. Get a variety of bra and panty sets, skirts, themed outfits, etc...Wear more colorful clothes because it looks better on cam. Stay away from black, white or nude colors as they do not look good on cam. 
  8. Only if it comes natural, try and be a little "vocal" in private chat. Your seductive words will give you   five star ratings. 
  9. Switch up positions in private. Your clients love to see different angles and imagine they're really there with you.
  10.  When you're broadcasting, you will notice two chat boxes. One is for paid members while the other is for free chat. When you are taken private, often at times people will wait in your free chat for you to come back. At this time you will be in private chat and your customers in free chat can no longer hear or see you. Sometimes they might type something and you are still able to type to people in the free chat window. Sometimes I like to mess with these people. While performing in private, I will try and convince members waiting in free chat to come join the show. Exp. After I get completely naked, I might type in the free chat window: "I'm Naked! You're missing out. ;-)". Sometimes a customer will decide right then to join in on the fun. If that doesn't work, sometimes I'll let them know what act I'm doing at that moment. Exp. "I'm doing anal". lol, I tried that one time and once I typed those words into my free chat window, suddenly 7 people joined the private chat and lets just say I did pretty well that night.