Get Started

What you will need to get started:
  •  Computer
  • Broadband Internet Connection- as fast as possible
  • Webcam or Camcorder with capture card
  • Excellent Lighting
  • Scanner
  • Printer 


You will need a nice PC to get started but there is no need to run out and buy the latest or fastest computer at the store. Chances are, if your computer is no more than 6 or 7 years old it should be able to handle the hardware and software necessary to broadcast efficiently.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Based PC Computer operating Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
700mhz or greater processor speed
                                                   512mb Ram Memory
                                                   At least 1 Gigabyte of free Hard Drive space

                                                                -High Speed Internet-

You must be connected to the internet via a High Speed data source. This means Cable, DSL, T1, or ISDN.

Dial-Up connections are not supported for webcam broadcasting.

Since you will be sending information to the internet by streaming video, your upload speed must be at least 300kbps or greater. Don't worry if you don't know your upload speed, our technical support staff will help test your upload connection speed in less than a minute and guide you through the process of upgrading if necessary. Test your speed here.

Once you start broadcasting and receive your first few paychecks, it is best to upgrade your internet connection. You may have high speed internet now, but upgrading will make a difference and be more profitable for you.

                     -Webcam or Camcorder-

Our systems allow you to perform in an environment that transmits high quality video and audio to your viewers. The better quality and more versatile your webcam performances are, the higher number of return clients you will receive and that means more earnings at the end of the day.

Not only should you broadcast crystal clear video to your audience, but you should also take advantage of audio chat to draw more viewers into your private chat (and keep them there longer!).

We recommend using a plug & play USB webcam with High Definition broadcasting capabilities, auto-focus, and a built in microphone.

For a notebook webcam solution we recommend the Logitech Quickcam 9000 Pro. This camera offers HD video recording, a high quality built in microphone, and easily mounts onto any laptop display.

Our webcam of choice for Desktop PCs is the Logitech Orbit AF. The Orbit model camera offers the same great features as the Quickcam and includes a nine inch stand for flexible positioning options.

   For an even better experience (and an easy way to become a top performer) is to purchase a camcorder. This isn't necessary but our performers who use this option do extremely well. Using a camcorder will bring you the best picture with HD and zoom. Maybe this is something to consider after a few months of success with us.


A poorly lit environment can substantially degrade the quality of your performance, and turn many viewers away. Alternatively, a well lit video performance can make all the difference in establishing a successful webcam modeling career. There is no need to break the bank on the most expensive studio lights, this is completely optional. For around $60-$80 you can purchase a decent studio photography kit with 2 umbrellas, 2 lights, and 2 stands. This will help in eliminating glare, reflections, hotspots, and shadows. Again, this is only optional. A standard lamp works just as well. Make sure to have the light facing you and not behind you. Nobody wants to see a lamp in the background.                                                                          
                                                          Bad Lighting ---------------->                                 
 Good Lighting


This isn't something you need every day that you broadcast. You only need this in the beginning so you can start broadcasting. Once approved, you will need to print a performer agreement which gives us permission to stream your content and you need to print the age documents which state you are above the age of 18 years old. Once printed, read the material and sign. You will need a scanner to upload the content and send it back to us. Unfortunately we receive so many applications a day and it could take 2 weeks to get approved for broadcasting. Once approved, our lead agent will contact you and help you begin training.